1. lumieredelaville said: Hey :) The pictures on this blog are amazing! The quality and the skill you possess for capturing great shots like these is fantastic! I'm a student in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and I thought I should ask: would I be able to use these for a school project I am doing on beautiful cities throughout Europe? The project is essentially to design a cover, inside spreads and whatnot and these pictures would be great to use. Let me know if you're okay with that :) ps: you would be referenced of course

    awww thank you so much!! :)) I didn’t expect that someone would like my pictures so much :’D of course you can use them wherever you need and want :)

    you made my day aw :)

  2. Dresden, Germany

  3. Barcelona, Spain

  4. Prague, Czech Republic

  5. Barcelona, Spain

  6. Warsaw, Poland

  7. The National Stadium by night, Warsaw

  8. Barcelona, Spain

  9. Barcelona, Spain

  10. Costa Brava form the plane